FAB mPOS is a SaaS based Point of Sale (POS) platform and Android mobile app that enables businesses of all sizes to accept all forms of payments (Cards, Cash, Cheque, Credit), alongside features for inventory management, billing, marketing, Loyalty, Customer Administration and analytics.

Users can setup item modifiers to add and adjust item quantities, as well as edit product details such as names or prices. FAB mPOS allows businesses to organize products by category, type, sale and more to speed up payments at the point of sale, and the system can also integrate with logistics and delivery companies to give real-time updates and order fulfillment.

Users can create a custom loyalty program to reward customers with loyalty points on every qualifying purchase, and can engage customers with email marketing and targeted promotions. With FAB mPOS, it's possible to edit, add, and upload new customer information and record sales or credit against customer accounts, and businesses can track visits and sales via the dashboard or view trends in business with sales analytics.



Cloud Based Analytics

Synchronize all devices in real-time with cloud-based software. All sales, payments, and customer data storage is ensured.

Cash register

Make seamless sales and create memorable customer experiences in-store, online or on-the-go. Speed up your checkout by adding products to the sale and sending out email and text receipts.

Inventory Management

Maximize profits with a robust inventory management software, and improve cash flow through regular audit and accurate forecasting of your inventory. Create an item library for your products and categorize them to speed up transactions. Never run out and miss a sale, setup alerts when items are running low.

Omni Payments

Accepting payments on your smartphone or tablet has never been easier. Our integrated payment system accepts all forms of payments so you never miss out on a sale.

Administrate Sales And Employees

Determine employees' access levels and monitor sales and performance by tracking daily cash flow and sales at your store using a robust dashboard.

Loyalty Program

Reward your customers with loyalty points on every qualifying purchase. Allow customers to redeem it against future purchases by showing them their loyalty balance on receipts. Offer one simple customer loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products.