The Bank is privileged in having a well balanced Board consisting of highly experienced professionals with varied exposure in their respective business and professional fields.

  • Mr. Mathew S Ngulube

    Acting Chairperson
    Mr. Mathews M.S.W. Ngulube

    Non-Executive Director

  • Mr. Kuldip Paliwal

    Mr. Kuldip Paliwal
    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Christabel Chanda Lubinda

    Dr. Christabel C. Lubinda
    Non-Executive Director

  • Mr Gilford Malenji

    Mr Gilford Malenji
    Non-Executive Director

  •  Ms. Sally Linda Dormeyan

    Ms. Sally L. Dormeyan
    Non-Executive Director

  • Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa

    Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa
    Non-Executive Director