1. What is ZRA Etax?

    ZRA Etax is a web based system that allows tax payers to pay their tax obligations online

  2. What is Customs Tax?

    Customs taxes are import and export taxes and duties

  3. What is Domestic Tax?

    Domestic taxes are Inland taxes 

  4. What is Asycuda world?

    ASYCUDA World is a web based system that allows both customs and the business community to handle most of their transactions ranging from entry declaration to cargo manifests and transit documentation via the internet.

  5. What is Tax Online?

    Tax Online is the system for paying domestic taxes.

  6. Is ZRA Etax available to be used by any taxpayer?

    ZRA Etax is only available to customers of the Bank

  7. Are all the bank customers able to access ZRA Etax?

    Only customers who have been registered by the Bank to use the system are able to access it.

  8. Which customers of the bank can register for ZRA Etax?

    All customers of the bank, individual, SME & Corporate are eligible to register.

  9. What information should a client provide to the bank to be registered as a user of ZRA Etax?

    The customer should provide the following.(I)AccountName (ii)AccountNumber(s) (iii) Signing mandate(iv)Initiator(s)name(s),email,mobilephonenumber(v)approver(s)names, email, mobile number, (vi)TPIN

  10. What time is the ZRA Etax system accessible or available?

    The system is available 24/7.

  11. Does the tax payer need to come to the Bank to pay their tax obligations?

    No, the ZRA Etax is a web based application that is accessible anywhere, anytime provided Internet is available.

  12. Does a tax payer need a special computer to use ZRA Etax?

    The tax payer does not need a special machine to access ZRA Etax. The system is available to be accessed by all devices that are Internet and web enabled.

  13. What type of taxes can one pay using the ZRA Etax system?

    ZRA Etax handles both types of payments, i.e. Customs and Domestic taxes

  14. Does a tax payer need a clearing agent to pay for goods using the ZRA Etax?

    Yes, the clearing agent submits the entries to ZRA for assessment when paying customs duties.

  15. Can the tax payer do a part payment on ZRA Etax for their tax obligation?

    This cannot not be done for customs payments. The payment has to be made in full including the interest component if the assessment as interest.
    Part payment can be made with domestic taxes because the taxpayer makes a self- assessment.

  16. Can the tax payer make amendments to the assessment when processing payment?

    No, all the assessment cannot be amended by the user

  17. Where does the customer get their receipt after paying for their taxes?

    The ZRA Etax system pulls the receipt from ZRA system for the customer and also sends receipt details using SMS notification to the customers registered mobile phone number.

  18. If the customer does not get a receipt printed, can they get their goods from ZRA after paying using ZRA Etax system?

    Yes, the system sends the receipt details using SMS notification to the customers registered mobile phone number. The details can be presented to the customs officer at the port of entry for their lease of goods.

  19. What happens when a user for gets their login password?

    The system administrator at the Bank will reset the pass word and the user will receive a one- time user password via SMS and/or email.

  20. Can a client pay taxes from on an insufficiently funded account?

    The client can only pay taxes from a positive cleared balance greater than the value of the taxes inclusive of the bank charges. Clients with over draft facilities cannot pay from the overdrawn position.

  21. My payment(s) status indicates the response “pending at the bank”. What does this mean?

    This status indicates that the payment has been submitted and is ending processing by the banking system.

  22. My payment(s) status indicates the response “pending at ZRA”. What does this mean?

    This status indicates that payment at the bank has been completed and a notification has been sent to ZRA to update their system and Pull a receipt. All this is done automatically.

  23. What happens Next after Pending at ZRA message?

    The assessment(s) is/are marked as paid and updated on the ZRA system and an SMS/EMAIL notification with the receipt details is sent to the client.
Internet Banking

Internet Banking is the First Alliance Bank commercial online banking site. Like Banking for individuals, businesses can access virtually all of their bank account information, transactions and balances from their own office or home.

•    View current account balances to see if a payment cleared.
•    View current account details or Summary.
•    Access accounts from home, work or anywhere by logging on to the internet, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
•    Download account information in your preferred format (PDF, Excel, Text)
•    Download account information by specifying your preferred period range.

Sign up for online banking, and enjoy the convenience of modern banking providing you 24/7 days access to your account, anytime from anywhere, and you may never have to make a trip to the bank again!

Ebanking will enhance your business banking experience at First Alliance Bank, and will provide state of the art technology for larger companies looking for an exciting banking experience through online banking solution.

Electronic statements are available for all First Alliance Bank customers.
If you are already registered for our Internet Banking, you can sign up to receive e-statements after logging in to Internet Banking.internetbank

Help line during Office working hours:

Landlines: +260 211 237154/237202

Mobile: +260 979 168980/ +260 977 717392

Login to internet banking 


mPOS Help


How Do I Edit Any Of The Customer Information After We Have Entered It?

  • Visit and click merchant login to sign in to your account.
  • In the Dashboard, click on the customer tab in the Menu.
  • To edit information, click Edit and enter the information

I Forgot My Username/Password. What Do I Do?

Go to FAB Dashboard and click on Forgot Password/Username. Enter your registered email address and click Send. You will receive a link to reset your Password/Username. You can reset your password and login using your new credentials.

Can I Use My Account In A Different Region At The Same Time?

Yes, you can use your account anywhere in Zambia but an account can be accessed one at a time on any device. You will be logged out of your account in the current device if you login into your account from a different device. For security reasons, the phone and card reader being used must be the same as mentioned in your settings. You can always update the information in your settings if you wish.

Can I Get Another FAB Card Reader?

Absolutely. You can have more than one card reader for your users and setup and manage multiple users under your account.

Contact our dedicated support Team on [email protected]  for more information.

Why Won't My FAB Card Reader Read Swiped Cards?

If your FAB card reader isn't working properly, try the following tips:

  • Make sure the FAB app is synced with your reader via Bluetooth or your device won't be able to detect the reader.
  • Try reconnecting the card reader by forgetting the device on Bluetooth settings and pairing with your device again.
  • Uninstall the FAB app from your device and reinstall.
  • Wipe the metal connector with a cloth. Residue can collect and prevent the reader from making a proper connection.
  • Clear debris from the card reader slot with a card reader cleaning card or a paper towel folded over multiple times.
  • Make sure you're using a supported device. We cannot guarantee full compatibility on a device that is not supported.

If you think your reader is broken, you can request a new reader by contacting our support staff

I Am Having Trouble With My Internet Connection. Can I Still Swipe Card Payments?

To help ensure secure payment processing, FAB requires online access through WiFi, 2G, 3G or Edge connectivity

Which Devices Are Compatible With The FAB Card Reader?

FAB is compatible with most Android devices running the latest software versions.

However, we do not currently support the following:

  • BlackBerry devices
  • Windows devices
  • Non-mobile devices, such as laptop and desktop computers
  • iOS

Android Device Compatibility

FAB supports almost all Android devices out there! Supported Android devices have the following specifications:

  • Google Android 4.0 or higher
  • Location services enabled
  • Access to Google Play

Kindly, confirm that your smartphone or tablet meets these requirements with your device manufacturer.

While using our Chip & PIN card reader, make sure you are using a supported device. 

How Much Does FAB App Cost?

FAB app is free with limited features like a Cash register and Inventory management.

To avail all features you have to go for our paid plan on subscription charges of our plans. To get more information, send email to: [email protected]

Are There Any Contracts Or Cancellation Fees?

FAB contract is unlimited.

However, You can cancel within 7 days of signing contract if you do not like our product or service.

If you need further clarifications, please send email to: [email protected]

When Will My Money Be Deposited?

Payments are sent to your linked bank account following our standard deposit schedule. Transactions accepted before the end of your business activity will ensure you receive a single deposit in T(Transaction date) plus 2 days.

Can I Access My FAB Account From Another Device?

FAB Dashboard is cloud-based. This means that you can access your account from anywhere.

If you've purchased a new device, you can simply download the FAB app and sign in to your existing account with the associated email address and password


  • Card Reader Not Found While Searching
  • Error meaning:
  • Card reader is not displaying in Bluetooth device search. 


Make sure card reader is switched On. Try to pair it manually from Bluetooth settings



MID/TID is not present


Refresh app from settings.

“Do Not Honor" (Error Code 5)


International card acceptance is not enabled for merchant.


Refresh app from settings. If problem persists, contact support and raise a ticket with TID/MID.

“Session Establishment Failed" (Error Code 308)

Error 308:

Connection to payment processor has failed because of low GPRS bandwidth


Make sure Internet is reliable and has a strong bandwidth.

"Previous Transaction Is Pending"


Your previous transaction has failed. You will need to call for reversal before initiating next transaction.


Press OK or Void it from history.

"Transaction Failed Due To Low Internet Bandwidth" (Error Code 312)

Error code 312:

Transaction failed due to low GPRS bandwidth. Customer card might be charged.


You need to void this transaction from the transaction history

"Please Check The Reader Is Switched On" (Error Code 5006)

Error: Reader is not turned on or it is not discoverable


Make sure reader is turned on and keep it closer to your phone/tablet

"Insert EMV Card Again" (Error Code 5018)

Error code 5018:

EMV card is not inserted properly


Make sure EMV card is properly inserted all the way through

"EMV Card Swiped. Insert Card" (Error Code 5022)

Error code 5022: A chip & PIN card is swiped  

Solution:  Do not swipe the card. Insert the chip & PIN card into card reader

"Transaction Aborted" (Error Code 5027)

Error code 5027:

This is due to an INVALID PIN or AMOUNT CONFIRMATION TIMED OUT or Cancel Button is pressed on Reader 


Enter a valid pin. Try another transaction

"Exception Raised In Reader Connection" (Error Code 5014)

Error code 5014:

This is due to a duplicated key or wrong key format


Contact support and raise a ticket with TID/MID

"Void" (Error Code 120)

Error code 120: This transaction has already been settled or customer's card is not


Customer cannot void a settled transaction.

"Timed Out In Amount Confirmation" (Error Code 5035)

Error code 5035: Transaction failed as amount is not confirmed on card reader PIN pad.


Initiate another transaction. 

"Invalid Username Or Password" (Error Code 206)

Error code 206: Authentication failed


Check if you have configured correct Username and password in your FAB Dashboard settings. If problem persists, please contact support.

"Unknown Response from Processor"

Error: Blank response code comes from processor


Contact support and raise a ticket with TID/MID

"Format Error" (Error Code 30)

Error code 30: Error at financial processor


Refresh your app. If problem persists, contact support and raise a ticket

"Invalid Transaction" (Error Code 12)

Error code 12: Error at financial processor


Refresh your app. If problem persists, contact support and raise a ticket

"Daily Limit Exceeded. Need To Settle Transactions" (Error Code 127)

Error code 127: Your daily transaction limit is over


Contact your bank to increase your transaction limit.

"TID NOT PRESENT" (Error Code 89)

Error code 89: Error from processor


Contact Support on [email protected]

"Issuer Switch Inoperative" (Error Code 91)

Error code 91: Error at financial processor


Try again after sometime.

"Reader And Mobile Not Yet Connected" (Error Code 701)

Error code 701: Bluetooth connection error


Unpair the reader from Bluetooth settings and pair it again. If problem persists, contact support.

"Reader Not Found" (Error Code 5005)

Error code 5005: Bluetooth connection error

Solution: Unpair the reader from Bluetooth settings and try pairing it again. If problem persists, contact support.

"Routing Error" (Error Code 92)

Error code 92: Error at financial processor


Try again after sometime. If problem persists, contact support and raise a ticket.